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Toy Chef Children’s Baking Kitchen Block Set With Interactive Lights & Music

• Interactive lights and music make the experience that much more realistic
• Perfect for everyday use and play
• Helps develop motor skills
• 43 piece set

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Role playing is part of every child’s early development and most doctors believe it’s an essential. Whether it is pretend-doctor, pretend-builder or pretend chef, an engaging pretend-play game set can teach kids how to become involved in hypothetical scenarios, an essential skill for adulthood. So, if you’re looking for a great way to help your kid understand the real world through imaginative role playing, you’re definitely at the right place! Our 2-in-1 toy set for kids combines the learning nature of building blocks with a realistic pretend-play kitchen set that will absolutely thrill young kids and toddlers. Keep your children engaged and entertained with an immersive game set that will improve their cognitive and physical skills. Made with BPA-free, high-quality plastic, our kitchen simulation set will not cause harm to your kid’s health and well-being. If anything, its bright and vivid colors and many different pieces will grab their attention and never let go! With 43 unique pieces, this role-playing game will teach your child how to stay organized. Simply show him or her where every piece goes once they’re done playing for the day and have everything neatly packed for the next day! Perfect for any child of 3 years and up, this is a safe, engaging and educational building blocks pretend play set that will teach your kid color and shape recognition, engineering block building and above all else, creativity and imagination!

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