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Toy Chef Children’s Portable Mini Toy Kitchen Set

• Includes mock food, utensils, tableware, dishes, pots, pans and mugs
• sit down and play with your kids all the while teaching them how to combine the various items and creative delicious, homemade meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner!
• 27 pieces for hours of entertainment

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Great for children who love exploring the world and engaging in imaginative role play, this kitchen play set will keep your kids busy, interested and happy, allowing you to do the real cooking. Plus, the play kit itself will teach your child everything about food, kitchen utensils, cooking and healthy eating! This children’s kitchen set includes everything you need to turn your child’s room into a small kitchen! From the colorful, realistic food toys that include fruits, vegetables and eggs, all the way to those dining dishes and tea cups, this is an extensive kitchen play set that will have your little one extremely excited for a long time to come! Although our pretend-play food set is interesting and entertaining, it’s also extremely educative as it will help your child develop various skills at a young age. Break out the food toy set, let your child play for hours and then, when it’s time to tidy up, simply organize everything neatly into the storage box! Plus, you can take the box with you when you’re away from home, perfect for the park, a friend’s house or even the weekend away! Not to mention your children will learn how to keep things organized and prevent your house from turning into a chaotic mess!

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