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  1. Hello there,

    My name is Tariq Azam & I am currently working as a Procurement Manager at Supreme Commerce Training Inc.
    We are primarily a reseller from Brantford, Ontario. Our sales channels include selling directly to customers through our own website ( as well as occasionally via third party websites such as Amazon.

    Our business development team is onboarding new, high-quality products to our sales portfolio to fulfill our customer’s needs.
    We are impressed by your product range and would like to add them to our sales portfolio. As our partner, GMD Wholesale would be able to see an increased number of sales, better reach potential customers, and benefit from our advertising strategies. We would love to work with you as a partner to sell your products and further utilize the expertise of our team of highly motivated sales and marketing teams to enhance product awareness in the market.

    Please let me know what information and qualifications you require from us to proceed further, and I will be happy to revert as soon as possible.
    Thank you

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