GMD Wholesale

Our Goal is to Make Distribution Simple.

In the past, buying from distributors was a time consuming and haggle filled process that required working around tons of red tape and dealing with multiple people from different departments. From it’s conception more than ten years ago GMD has prided itself on being a single supplier destination for stocking your chain or stores shelves. From our first conversation all the way down to the delivery of ordered products we make sure that we provide a streamlined process for all of our clients.

Our policies

GMD has assembled a team of talented and dedicated individuals, eager to do business with our customers in a mutually
beneficial manner.


We stock all of our products in several warehouse in the greater Toronto region. We are ready to ship and fulfill your immediate needs.


We carry a very wide range of product lines, covering a wide range of consumer product categories. We are proud of our selection, and our industry leading packaging that will be a highlight on your store shelves.


We are constantly refining logistics and other supply chain processes, in order to keep our costs down and our prices ultra-competitive.


We have put together an experienced team who offer in-store representation, e-Comm and logistics.

Our Simplified Process.

We have created a simple and easy process and single supplier destination for stocking your chain or stores shelves. Search, learn and download PDF’s on products directly from our site then contact us to complete your order. Contact us for help customizing and creating products that are currently not found on our site. Or, if you would like us to stock a product or line currently not available on our website.

Browse Our Site

Browse our website to find wholesale products you would like to purchase from our warehouse.

Get INFORMATION on Our Products

Simply hit the “Add to Quote” tab, to create a wish list of items.
Download PDF’s directly from our site, that contain all of the information you need to make your product selection easy. Download full category catalogues, or add items to your list from different categories.

Make Your Selection

Select the products you would like and copy down the SKU number or click the category catalog button on the top of the page to print out all of the products in that category.

Contact Us

Email us or call us directly to speak with one of our helpful sales professionals. We will provide you with pricing according to your wholesale needs. 

Maximize your presence in the Canadian market

We have created this website to make viewing our product selection, and requesting a quote easier. We offer extremely competitive wholesale pricing. This is NOT a retail site. We only deal with Canadian retailers with physical stores, organizations with volume requirements and / or leading e-commerce web sites.