SKU: 91006

Lifetime Guster 100 Sit-In Kayak

The Lifetime Guster Kayak is a sit-in kayak with the perfect combination of comfort, stability, and performance. The ST Performance Hull design provides the speed, tracking, and maneuverability for just about every water condition from large lakes and bays to slow moving rivers and creeks. From comfort and convenience to performance and durability, the Guster is equipped with features that are built around the paddler. Features like the adjustable backrest, padded seat and thigh pads, and adjustable foot braces give you the most comfortable seating in your kayak. The excellent seating options give you easy access to the hull for storage. The front and rear handles let you quickly transport the kayak to and from the water. The Lifetime Guster Kayak is the perfect option for recreational kayaking.

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